Andy Ashdown


Bird, Wildlife and Botanical Art

I am a passionate birder and nature enthusiast, and I spend more time than I probably should carrying binoculars, a telescope or a camera around the countryside! I can also be found volunteering at my local RSPB nature reserve at Pulborough Brooks.

Whilst my art is inevitably influenced by the birds and wildlife around me, it is the experience of being immersed in nature that I find inspiring. This connection is very important to me. I like to spend time studying all aspects of the natural world, take a competent photograph if I can and then convey this on paper. I try to capture the beauty and character of birds, and I hope that other nature lovers can see something of this in my art.

Birds are not only fascinating to watch, they are also highly intricate and can be a pleasure (and sometimes a challenge) to draw. Working in coloured pencil, I find this a fantastic medium to express the features and feathers, allowing for delicate blending and fine detail. I aim to work from my own photography wherever possible; not just for reference, but as a reminder of the experience that I had at the time.

Whether you are an avid bird enthusiast or simply enjoy all aspects of nature, I hope that my art brings you some pleasure. I am continually adding to my portfolio so keep an eye out at the gallery for my latest drawings!

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