Ben Fearnside

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Local artist who works from his studios in Lancing.

Real metals on canvas: gold, silver, copper, bronze, brass, iron and wire.

I bond powder and leaf metals; combine them with acrylics and inks, acids, ammonia, shellacs and solvents. I use layering and a touch of alchemy. Controlled oxidisation reveals the teal colours of Verdigris or the blood-and-earth of rust. The finished paintings are fixed, polish-sealed, light-responsive.

I started working 3D on the prestigious Furniture Design course at High Wycombe University. While there I sneaked into other courses, learning silversmithing, metalwork, spray-finishing and glasswork. I moved into abstract painting 20 years ago, expressing my fascination with balance and form, using my skills in specialist finishes.

I’ve had seven successful solo exhibitions in London and Brighton more recently exhibiting at Gallery 40 in Brighton and Colonnade House in Worthing.

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch. More (and larger!) paintings available on my website. Commissions welcomed.

phone: 07908 201 809
instagram: ben.fearnsideart
twitter: @BenFearnside