Shane Jones

  I am a tree surgeon and now I enjoy making things like tables and lamps from different woods I have obtained. I like to play with different colours of wood to make an interesting contrasting effect. I am also collaborating with my wife Rosemary Jones who is an established linocut artist, and we are … Read more

Nick Orsborn

  PAINTINGS PRINTS AND CICADA JEWELLERY Born in London in 1948, he studied Fine Art at Kingston and Reigate Colleges of Art and has lived and worked in Brighton since 1970. In June 2020 he moved permanently to Worthing. Largely self-taught in the use of watercolour, it has been his medium of choice for the … Read more

Jacob Taghioff

  Hi, I am Jacob Taghioff, a local fine artist with a love of natural forms and colour. My paintings and drawings show my bold use of colours that reflect my childhood spent growing up in India. My pen and ink drawings harp back to the days that I trained as an Architect. I like … Read more

Rosemary Jones

  I am an artist specialising in linocut printmaking, and most of my images are of local landmarks in Worthing and the landscape of the South Downs. All my prints are original handmade linocuts, made with real ink, on real paper, on a real press, by me. Each print is unique because it is entirely … Read more

Four Hands

  Jo Studied fine art sculpture at Staffordshire University, graduating with a first class BAHons.On leaving college she worked for a model making company in Hertfordshire sculpting the original models for cartoon characters that were to be mass produced. After 3 years Jo left to combine teaching with a small part time glass etching business. … Read more

Jo-Anna Rawlings

  Jo-Anna Rawling’s 3D needle felting Artist work springs from the love of Natural materials and nature. Using the raw wool from sheep , wood from the land and inspiration from animal’s, Jo-Anna makes funny animal sculptures full of character giving so much joy to our day to day lives. Jo-Anna feels that through animals … Read more

Samantha Hobbs

  Hi, my name is Sam Hobbs and I am an Artist Teacher. I am Head of Art in a local secondary school and I also work with trainee art teachers at the University of Brighton. My degree is in textile design and before training to teach I owned a shop in the North Laine … Read more

Desiree Hart

  Reference material is gathered on location through sketching and photography.   Many visits to Africa have given me a wonderful collection of Big Game images to work with.    Our  English wildlife is also a continuous source of inspiration.  Being a member of the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust enables me to spend much of my … Read more

Bernadette Stevenson

Owner/ maker of Bernies Glass Creations. I’m a local Worthing Glass artist, who has been working with traditional leaded, stained & fused glass for the past 15 Years. I also teach beginners glass classes in my garden workshop in central Worthing & offer gift vouchers, so a perfect gift for someone to have a creative … Read more

Julia Ann Field

  Commission Artist: Paintings, Prints and Cards Painting makes me happy. I get enormous pleasure from trying to capture on canvas our beautiful world and how it inspires me. I am a particularly passionate plein air painter, albeit a fair-weather one, but I also relish spending long hours in the studio finishing landscapes or creating … Read more

Tracie Callaghan

  Tracie Callaghan uses a variety of different media to create exciting and unusual artworks that celebrate the beauty of the natural world. Her work explores the relationship between subject matter and the media used, be that through the use of colour, historical or geographical context to create depth and share her passion for our … Read more

Wayne Longhurst

  Hello!  I am Wayne Longhurst, a linocut artist based in sunny (apparently) Worthing. I have been creating linocut prints for a few years now, teaching myself when I first heard about the medium 6 years ago (yep, I hadn’t heard about it until I was in my early 30’s, I guess it skipped my … Read more

Jill Leaney

  Jill Leaney comes from a long line of jewellers: ‘JAGOS’, who were established in St. Albans up until the mid-1970s.   “Primarily a Painter in Fine Art, I began my journey into Silver Smithing and jewellery after inheriting a quantity of ‘Antique Silver Cutlery’ in the mid-nineties. ‘Great I thought, I can put these … Read more

Two Faced Twins

Two Faced Twins is made up of identical twins, Stella and Gem from Worthing. Working together, they create striking artwork and homeware for contemporary homes. As a skilled artist, Stella creates the quirky, detailed illustrations. Gem takes over as lead designer, working on them digitally and adding colour. Stella has never been able to work with colour, and seeing as … Read more

Jade Jeffers

  My name is Jade Jeffers & my company is JJ’s Beachcombing Art. I am originally from London and moved down to the South Coast just over 2 years ago. I have always been a creative and artistic person and when I moved I was able to visit the beach more and found more treasures. … Read more

Emma Bennett

  I’m an Illustrator from Worthing and I sell digital prints of my work which is mainly artworks of Sussex. I have works of Worthing, Brighton, Hastings, Arundel, Cuckmere Haven and Bexhill to name just a few. My black and white style started back in 2003 after a particularly inspiring trip to New York. Here … Read more

Sarah Duffield BA Hons

  I have loved creating works of art for as long as I can remember. As a child I was fascinated by a painter who lived nearby and worked from his garage – it always looked like the ideal life to me! I studied art at school and then went on to Chichester University where … Read more

Lorraine Heaysman

Dorset born now living in Worthing, Lorraine’s greatest love is to be out at dawn chasing the mist; her body of work reflects her passion. She says her love of being out early is deeply rooted in the times she spent out walking with her grandfather from her earliest years. Lorraine first picked up a … Read more

Helen Wiggins

  Helen  lives on Shoreham Beach and has always enjoyed exploring her creative side which can be seen both in her art and photography. Helen is a self taught artist and explored photography as a creative medium 10 years ago following success in a Sussex Life competition when she received her first publication. This is … Read more

Paul Vincent

  Paul is a self taught landscape photographer based on the West Sussex coast near Chichester, where he has lived since 1978 with his wife and three children. Paul says “My fascination of photography was kindled as a young boy, by a school teacher who was a naval photographer with the North Atlantic Fleet in … Read more

Naomi Frances

  I have been working with glass for about 25 years, I love the colours and the textures that glass provides, and the long history that accompanies it. I like the structure that the making of stained glass gives me, but at the same time I am always looking for ways to push boundaries. I … Read more

Sharon Gibson

  Sharon Gibson runs a small pottery studio from her home on Shoreham Beach called Beach Pottery. Sharon’s interest in ceramics began after attending a pottery class in a local studio a few short years ago. She instantly fell in love with the whole process and it has now become a full time practice. She … Read more

Frans de Leij

  I am particularly attracted to painting in watercolour.  I like the use of ‘wet into wet’ techniques, where wet paint is flooded onto a wet surface.  This technique provides an endless source of surprising and often beautiful effects that are affected by how different paint-mixtures interact with each other, the paper surface and gravity.  … Read more

Natalie Davies

  Natalie is a contemporary painter who works predominantly in chalk pastel. Creating pieces that explore the universal themes of love and loss, joy and sadness…. Often rainy, her landscapes convey the beauty of the rain, its other-worldly shine, reflective qualities and ability to transform a landscape. With a heart traced onto a rainy window … Read more

Chris Dawson

  Creativity is a key factor in all my work either as a product designer (my original trade), cartoonist or fine artist. As an artist, I simply paint for my own interest and pleasure and try to create something that people will enjoy and respond to. No subject is safe – a landscape, the human … Read more

Terry Guile

  I design and make contemporary jewellery with silver, and semi precious stones. I always use real stones which I personally source from various suppliers. The pieces are made using either silver wire or flat sheet which I cut, texture and form into the finished article. Although my jewellery is contemporary I use traditional methods … Read more

Kim Adele Fuller

  Contemporary Paintings and Prints. I live on the Sussex coast in Shoreham-by-sea and mainly paint seascapes, landscapes, coastal and abstract themes. Inspired by the natural world I enjoy expressing colour, atmosphere, light, energy or stillness in my paintings to draw the viewer into the scene evoking a sense of place and a sense of space. … Read more

Alan Humphries

  Alan has been a semi professional photographer for over 10 years. His landscape images have won him competitions here and abroad and have been used in magazines and brochures. Most of the images in the Gallery have been taken in Sussex and show you do not have to go far to get some wonderful … Read more

Nina Smith

  Nina creates beautiful glass artworks including jewellery, suncatchers and art panels using cut, crushed and powdered glass which is fused together in a kiln. She finds how glass changes form and often colour when heated to high temperatures fascinating. Brought up in Cornwall, the daughter of two potters, her early life was not only … Read more

Lyn Rohde

6″x6″ mini acrylics on canvas of my “Flotilla” series which are currently on display at the gallery   I was born in Dublin and spent most of my childhood in France.  My interest in art was fostered at an early age not only by private tuition but also the encouragement of the French painter, Dunoyer … Read more

Katherine Lawrie

  From an early age Katherine has been familiar with the techniques involved in making jewellery and working with metal. Her father works as a jewellery designer maker and often Katherine would work alongside him in his workshop. By the age of 16 this was a serious hobby and Katherine sold jewellery to her friends … Read more

Jo Dowers

  Jo is a member of the Sussex Watercolour Society & exhibits regularly in both group & solo exhibition as well as on an ongoing basis at Worthing’s Montague Gallery & as a member of Seasons Studio part of East Beach Studios on Worthing sea front. Watercolour has always been her passion inspired by the … Read more

Jane Pinder

  A collection of contemporary silver and mixed media jewellery, designed & handmade by Jane Pinder. The designs draw influence from the varied fauna and flora, organic texture and natural landscapes of the Sussex Coast. Jane has been making jewellery for about ten years and has studied silversmithing jewellery at her local college for several … Read more

Gillian Hills

  I am inspired by the Sussex landscape and seascape, my cats, my garden and the foxes that visit. I like to work in many different mediums. I enjoy going to car boot sales where I often find materials and tools e.g. paint brushes, old boxes of pastels, canvases.  I also find my mirror frames … Read more