Emma Bennett


I’m an Illustrator from Worthing and I sell digital prints of my work which is mainly artworks of Sussex.

I have works of Worthing, Brighton, Hastings, Arundel, Cuckmere Haven and Bexhill to name just a few.

My black and white style started back in 2003 after a particularly inspiring trip to New York. Here I took many photos and started sketching from them on my return. So my early work was very complicated sketches of Times Square, Rockafella and various famous scenes of New York. From then on I sketched just about every city I visited, mainly from my photos so have a vast array of Barcelona, Venice, Rome, Vienna, Las Vegas, etc.

However, at the Montague Gallery you will mainly see my collection of Sussex. I’ve lived in Sussex all my life, in Brighton and Hove for over a decade, and recently moved to Worthing. I am inspired by my surroundings, mainly the architecture, and am constantly adding to my collection.

All my artworks are hand drawn in a fine line black pen, then scanned in and colour added in Photoshop.

You can follow me at the following:


Twitter: @EmmaBennett29

Instagram: artbyemmabennett

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