Emma Cooper

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Following the completion of my Fine Art Painting degree at Brighton University I have continued to paint, and particularly enjoy using bright bold colours and textured work. My process usually begins intuitively and either stops at an abstract piece, or continues on until I see something in the paint to ‘pull out’ – usually a bird, animal-type creature or something more figurative. I really allow the paint to evolve freely, and go from there!

I have always loved nature, and from the early stages when I grew interested in art, I adored the work of Marc Chagall – his use of colour and creatures I found inspiring – I don’t think they have ever left me! With a little imagination a painting can evolve into something magical, I like to believe the viewer can attach their own stories/memories to the painting. Sometimes a painting can really give a sense of somewhere we have once visited, a smell, an emotion we have felt. A painting can stir this inside of us in much the same way as a piece of music.

I was born in Reading, Berkshire and came to live in Sussex to study painting at the University of Brighton in 1996 – I remained in Sussex ever since, and finally settled in Worthing with my husband and two children. I paint at any given opportunity between being a mum and working, for me it’s a form of escapism – the one thing that I have found is that when I paint I like to be completely alone and with music in my ears – feeling completely detached from everyday life!

I hope you enjoy my work, the best part is simply to share what you have created 😊

Website –   https://www.emmacooperfineart.co.uk/

Facebook – https://m.facebook.com/emmacooperfineart

Twitter –      https://mobile.twitter.com/emmaspaintings

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/emmacooperfineart