alex smith

I am an Artist Blacksmith and am currently making a wall sculpture called Dominatrix.
It is a piece about the power of a female over a male.
It is made from mild steel at my forge in Amberley and is arc welded together.
I plan on making a batch of these, so it isn’t a one-off.
I hope for it to retail at £2500.
Is it £11 per metre of wall space plus 25% commission and stewarding?

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I have worked as an Artist Blacksmith for 23 years and run Chalk Pit Forge for 14 years. Here I make sculptures, gates, railings, hinges and keys, among many other things. Everything is designed especially for the client and location, except for some of my sculptures, which I make because I need a creative output to express myself.
I love making, it is endless what you can do with a bit of mild steel.



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