Annie Alexander

The beach and the sea inspire my practice. I am an avid beachcomber, stitcher and recycler. I collect driftwood and other bits and pieces washed up by the sea and make them into mirrors, wall plaques and decorative objects. I embroider and collage recycled textiles with images inspired by my life on the beach using stitch techniques from around the world.

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I have lived on Shoreham beach for over ten years. Since leaving full time work, I have been developing my practice as a creator and stitcher. My work reflects my three obsessions – the sea (I swim nearly every day throughout the year and comb the beach for interesting finds); textiles and stitching (I have collected fabric all my adult life and use my collection in my work and I stitch with techniques from around the world); and recycling (all my works are created using recycled materials, either my own or sourced in charity shops). I belong to a local creative group and have shared my work with them, however this is my first time to exhibit more widely.


Wall Art, Collage, Stitch


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