I mostly paint with rainbow colours or a very vibrant background. I have several collections, rainbow themed. I also have collections of pet and human portraits.
I start with a sketch which has some degree of thought but usually veering off track making my work quite organic. I paint in an abstract way as I prefer to leave a little to the imagination!
My current collections have been born from the pandemic wanting to shed some colour onto an uncertain future.
I often use a pallet knife for my background, sketching over this using iconic images of Brighton and Sussex, always a constant inspiration to me, the place I grew up and love.
I use metal leaf and gold or copper pigment, as well as acrylics and various other mediums. I will layer and add colour on colour, medium on medium.t

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I am self-taught and have been painting and creating for 30+ years.
I had an interest in art from an early age, my brothers were my inspiration growing up, I loved to see their newest pieces of art and would try to emanate them. As a child I would sketch and draw portraits of my favourite singers and incorporate a pattern which emerged from my love of ‘doodle’ art, I have used this in several pieces of my work and continue to.
My foray into the art world was to paint murals, starting when my son was born, alongside painting water colours. I now generally us acrylics and mixed media including metal leaf in my paintings on canvas. I also paint furniture.
I have exhibited in several Galleries in and around Sussex and in many cafes and bars. Also, some in Cyprus, often involving charity events across the Island.



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