Darius Rowland Art

I’m a contemporary artist working primarily in acrylic on canvas. I use a wide variety of canvas sizes.
Some of my pieces are available as giclée fine art prints.
My work ranges from figurative to abstract and is inspired by light, colour and texture. I undertake a wide and varied subject matter of commission work which is both challenging and exciting!
I find inspiration in photographs and by sketching and painting plein air on my travels.

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My father was a teacher and had a good selection of how-to-draw books in the house so, starting at a very young age, I would select one after the other of these books and work my way through them, a process I enjoyed.
As a teenager I borrowed a book on the art of airbrushing from the local library and began to airbrush custom images on to motorcycles, helmets and car bodywork.
I started working in the art and advertising department of British American Tobacco in Guernsey where I became sales and art studio manager. The legislation regarding tobacco advertising meant that a new career was needed so I took the opportunity to retrain as an airline pilot, which I still do on a part time basis with Easyjet.
This part time employment enables me to now enjoy painting from my home studio and to exhibit at venues in Brighton, London and previously in the French Alps.



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