Richard Biddle

I make visual poetry. I use collage, pastel, ink, whiteout, pencil and stamps to create analogue images. I then use a scanner to enhance these. I also use a printer to layer my work and to remix it.

Previously, my work was performance and installation. I’m interested in language, words, symbols and writing. I’m particular interested in asemic writing. I tend to work in A4 format on card, graph-paper, tracing paper and sometimes handmade paper.

My work embodies the abstract, literal and figurative elements of language.

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To date, all my visual poetry has appeared in publications both online and in print. I have had 2 books published – Messages From Elsewhere – An alien Graffiti (Timglaset Press) and Consciousness (Penteract Press). During lock-down, I self-published a book of visual poems called SEAVIEW It was inspired by objects that I found on the beach. I have a book made in collaboration with a fellow visual poet James Knight, Cosmologorrhea being published this summer by (Steel Incisors Press).

As a performance artist, my work was seen at Arnolfini Bristol, Dartington College of Arts and at galleries in Stroud and Oxford.
I have never exhibited my visual poems so I’m keen to find venues where I can and see if they are salable.


Drawing, Photography, Wall Art, Collage, Chalk pastel, Ink, Whiteout pen

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