I am currently working on small scale framed works. (10cm square upto 25cm square, sizes vary) I manipulate wires, wood and recycled objects to create a one word story within a scene. Within the scene I delicately place my painted tiny work force and viewers below. Interpretation of the onlooker creates their own stories and imagination.

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I am a mature lady and have a Masters of Fine Art. My most recent experience was exhibiting at the Parallax Art Fair Kensington London this July. I have a fascination with the tiny world. I like to imagine lifesize objects and scenes then I create them into miniature little scenarios. The miniature scale captures the viewer into a magical world, leaving this upto their own interpretation.
I love to network with as many creative people as possible. Enjoy sharimg the experiencs I have gained and deliver my knowledge and skills to others. During the pandemic I delivered a creative workshop to children of primary age in Worthing. The children made their own miniature room and had a choice to decorate the room and add accessories. This was very rewarding and hope to deliver more workshops.


Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Wall Art, Collage, Mixed media ,

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