Simon Punter

I have undertaken an on-going personal project, photographing the sea. The images have been taken mostly from being in the water, when I’ve been swimming, or paddling on my surfboard and also taken from the beach & from the pier. Many are abstracts. I have a collection of 20 images so far & I am adding more as time goes on. All will be printed the same size & mounted & framed identically.

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I have 30 years experience as a freelance commercial photographer, based in Sussex, but working nationwide. I have worked in many genres of photography, including still-life, food, industrial photography, portraiture, interiors & architecture. I have had my own studios & have had contracts at some cultural heritage institutions.
Recently, I have had a desire to shoot more personal work. I have always had an affinity with the sea, from decades of surfing & sea swimming, so this was the obvious choice for the subject of an exhibition.



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