Frans de Leij


I am particularly attracted to painting in watercolour.  I like the use of ‘wet into wet’ techniques, where wet paint is flooded onto a wet surface.  This technique provides an endless source of surprising and often beautiful effects that are affected by how different paint-mixtures interact with each other, the paper surface and gravity.  To introduce even more variety, I like to apply mixtures of paint with either a large brush or spatter it on with a toothbrush.  To have some control over the process I do use masking fluid to preserve some of the white paper.  Once the paper is dry, the masking fluid can be removed, and some further detail can be added.  Despite this ‘free approach’ most of my paintings look surprisingly realistic.

In 2006 I was elected a member of the Sussex Watercolour Society. Over the years my paintings have gained rapidly in popularity and can be found in private and corporate collections in Britain and abroad.

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