Gillian Hills

I am inspired by the Sussex landscape and seascape, my cats, my garden and the foxes that visit.

I like to work in many different mediums.

I enjoy going to car boot sales where I often find materials and tools e.g. paint brushes, old boxes of pastels, canvases.  I also find my mirror frames and bits and pieces for making mosaics.

I have just recently tried lino printing which I love, although I am in the early stages.

My new interest is mudlarking.  I go up to the Thames now and again when the tide is out and collect all sorts of slimy rubbish which I take home and wash and examine carefully.  I am working on some assemblages of Thames glass and clay pipe stems.

I have been painting and making collages for many years and have exhibited at the Royal Academy, the Mall and in and around the south.