Jade Jeffers


My name is Jade Jeffers & my company is JJ’s Beachcombing Art.

I am originally from London and moved down to the South Coast just over 2 years ago. I have always been a creative and artistic person and when I moved I was able to visit the beach more and found more treasures. This led to me designing some pictures with items I found while beachcombing.

Before I make any pictures I clean and sterilise all items I have brought home from the beach, this means that all items have lost their ‘beach smell’ and won’t disintegrate once in the frames.

While on the beach I only collect the items I want/need for the pictures I am making, if I take something home and find it doesn’t fit or isn’t quite right I return back to the beach with a bucket once a month to return those items. While beachcombing I always have a bag for the items I find and another bag for the rubbish I collect.

I love being on the beach and finding items that I can see what it will be before I even get it home. I have found pieces of driftwood that look like a creature or a shape and then create the picture/design around that piece of driftwood.

I come up with most of my designs myself but I also create commissions for clients. When I receive an enquiry I will come up with 1 or 2 designs to show the client and we will work at making the commission picture exactly what they want (within the restrictions of the items being natural). I love receiving commissions as it can stretch my imagination a little more.

I now also have a range of jewellery using shells and seaglass. The colours you can see in the seaglass can be amazing when the sun is behind a pair of earrings or reflecting off a pendant.

I sell my art and jewellery via my website (www.jjsbeachcombingart.com) and via Facebook and Instagram and at fairs/events (mostly around Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire).

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