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Why Sell With Montague Gallery Online Shop

Whether you already have an online store or have just opened your practice, Montague Gallery can help your practice increase sales and reach new customers by creating your online shop coupled with our bricks and mortar shop. There is no need to pay for expensive website hosting or payment gateways. There are no joining or monthly subscription fees. Instead, we charge a 25% commission once an item is sold, which can be added on top of the product price. 

Once we have approved you application we add your self contained shop. You can manage your own shop once it has been set up through your  seller dashboard. Once you log into your seller dashboard, you can access your account information, add shop information, add products, see inventory, manage orders, manage payments and lots more! 

Struggle with technology, no problem. We will help you through every step of setting up and managing your shop.

We invite applications from all Sussex based artists and makers irrespective of whether they exhibit in the actual gallery.


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