Phil Hayes


I have always lived in Sussex and am married with 2 children. My passion for photography started when my father gave me a proper camera for my 21st birthday and a fascination for black and white began.
I read plenty of books on the subject and ended up buying more and more equipment and bigger cameras. A few decades later digital cameras came along and in 2010 my photography leapt forwards.
Armed with a new tool that helped me realise my vision, it’s all worthwhile when I can produce a lovely print on fine art paper.
I now feel I’ve found my place in landscape photography, usually in colour but sometimes black and white which is still very special. Landscape photography usually involves a very early start to be on location before sunrise, sometimes a trek in wellington boots and a trek back to the car afterwards with wet feet if you’re unlucky enough to have the sea just going over the top of your boots. Then it’s time for a well earned breakfast and a nice feeling of satisfaction as you look at the images on the back of the camera.
Landscape photography is very relaxing, although at times when the light is changing you have to react quickly and move quickly to get the right viewpoint. I often feel that I need to be in a natural environment whether that’s the woods or near the sea and to escape overcrowded modern living in Britain.

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