Sarah Duffield BA Hons

I have loved creating works of art for as long as I can remember. As a child I was fascinated by a painter who lived nearby and worked from his garage – it always looked like the ideal life to me!

I studied art at school and then went on to Chichester University where I completed a fine art and creative writing degree.

During my time at Chichester I experimented with many techniques and styles. I developed a passion for colour and painting as a means of expressing feeling and I began to develop my own way of seeing and a style particular to me.

My art is my way of responding to my environment. Often the way light is interacting with a landscape dictates the colours I use to describe it – morning light is pink and peach, the earth is often blue and cold while at Sunset the light is red or orange, grass is warmer and colours richer. People have a strong affinity with colour and often don’t realise how closely connected to emotion it is. When someone looks at one of my paintings they may recognise the place but feel the colour choices are wrong – what is a cool, calm, blue and purple place for me might be a warm, happy, yellow and green spot for them – I like that this stimulates a conversation, it forces people to think about colours and how they relate to emotion – “What colour is this place for you?”

I try to capture the feeling of the time and the place, the emotion I felt when I experienced a particular landscape. I do not paint photographs and I do not paint accurately; I move fields, add or remove trees and always, always ignore pylons.

I use the term “Marmite art” to describe my work, you either love it or your hate it. I hope you love it like I do. x