Shireen Avis

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My journey started 40 years ago when I studied Textile Design and Technology at the Bulawayo College of Applied Art and Design in Zimbabwe.

After rediscovering my creative roots through experimenting with various media and techniques I returned to using boot polish, a medium I loved as an art student. This creativity was a strong reaction to the soul destroying regimentation and formalization of merchandising layouts, targets and rotas of the previous 36 years in various High Street careers.

Boot polish has both a light free flowing aspect and a heavy structured quality depending on the method of application. I use my fingers and hog hair brushes to carry out my work on cartridge paper, primed with floor polish and continue to experiment with powder pigments and clear polish to achieve the desired colours. Instead of focusing on specific subject matter I concentrate on creating texture and atmosphere through mark making and highlights.

I have previously exhibited in the Worthing Museum and Art Gallery Open 18 competition, Pier Road Gallery Littlehampton, Gifted in Findon, Gallery Bn5 Henfield and Hove Park Art Festival 2019.

Instagram: bootpolishpictures