Stephanos Avakian

I have a PhD in organizational studies from Durham University but have always been interest in arts that carry a wider contribution and symbolism to society. I am trained in psychology and organization theory where forms of communication become channel of conveying representations that beyond the realm of language itself. Hence, these indicative artefacts represent examples of this type of work. I am collaborating with people to produce the artwork but I am the person in lead of the conception and monitoring of the projects.

The history of a series of works started with the conception of the Discobolus of Myron as a ‘Heart Thrower’. I attach the following promotional paragraph for understanding more about our history and aims.

“It all started with the power of a circular movement. The discobolus of Myron is our inspiration. We worked hard to produce world’s first ‘heart thrower’. A unique artifact. Its power is found in its influence to captivate and encourage the sharing of that which is good, namely, human love. It all starts with action and the desire to go beyond material boundaries. The heart thrower is more than a gift, it is a statement that remains unique to all those that want to purchase it and share it with others. We place our imagination at the foot of Greek wisdom and create a synthesis of new ideas. Our goal is to create a long-standing impression that will regenerate the human spirit! Love is finding its direction in the circular orientation of its throwing. It mobilizes the human body and requires that deep energy to come ‘out’.”