Brian Jones

“Worthing Town and People” by Brian Jones is a creative and detailed stylised map of Worthing Town and its people, designed like a board game. It features various locations connected by paths, with symbols and illustrations that add an informative and engaging touch. The map includes areas color-coded for easy navigation and key points marked with icons, making it a fun way to explore the town’s highlights.

Here are some key elements of the map:

  • Board Game Design: The map’s layout resembles a board game, inviting viewers to ‘travel’ through Worthing.
  • Color-Coded Areas: Different colors distinguish various sections of the town, aiding visual navigation.
  • Symbols and Icons: Illustrations such as boats, fish, and a compass rose, along with flags and trains, represent local attractions and transport links.
  • Informative Labels: The map is labeled with street names, landmarks, and routes, providing a comprehensive guide to the town.

This map could serve as a unique tourist guide, educational tool, or a decorative piece for those interested in Worthing’s geography and culture. It’s a blend of practicality and playfulness, capturing the essence of the town in a visually appealing way.