Superstar Arts

Montague Gallery is proud to be supporting the fantastic local Charity Superstar Arts.

Superstar Arts is a registered charity based in Worthing, West Sussex, England. Their mission is to deliver high-quality, meaningful creative projects for young people and adults with learning disabilities.

About Superstar Arts

  • Superstar Arts was founded in 2012 to create new and exciting opportunities for people with learning disabilities. At a time when services were going through renewal and change, Superstar Arts aimed to provide innovative programs.
  • The organization is committed to delivering creative projects that positively impact the lives of participants.
  • Founders: Superstar Arts was founded by Jo Sullivan and Jo Telling. While Jo Telling moved on in 2023, Jo Sullivan remains as the current full-time General Manager.
  • Explore their website to learn more about their offerings and the positive impact they have on participants’ lives: SuperstarArts Website.

Projects and Impact

  • Superstar Arts provides a unique and varied program of courses where the creative stimulus maintains participants’ interest.
  • Participants engage in arts and crafts activities, singalongs, and other creative endeavors.


  • “Superstar Arts have changed my life. Every Tuesday and Friday, I walk in with a smile because the staff and helpers are amazing. Without Superstar Arts, I would not be able to achieve the things I can do now.” – Sas, Participant
  • “Superstar Arts provides a unique and varied program of courses where the creative stimulus maintains her interest. A is encouraged to engage in creative projects that I would never have considered a possibility for her.” – Parent

Supporting Superstar Arts

  • Superstar Arts relies on a combination of grants from local authorities, charities, and participant fees to fund their creative educational projects for people with learning disabilities in the Worthing area.
  • If you’d like to support their work, you can find more information here: Support Us.

Superstar Arts is making a positive difference in the lives of individuals with learning disabilities, fostering creativity, and promoting inclusion within the community.