Chihiro Hasu

Chihiro Hasu is a Japanese artist based in Shoreham, on the Sussex coast. Her creative journey encompasses both alcohol ink art and line drawing.

  1. Bespoke Artwork:
    • Alcohol Ink Art: Chihiro creates abstract pieces using vibrant, fluid colors. Each design is layered and blended, resulting in unique and stunning compositions.
    • Line Drawing: Whether it’s botanical illustrations, mandalas, or abstract forms, Chihiro’s line drawings are intricate and expressive.
  2. Mindful Art Workshops:
    • These workshops offer a joyful way to care for oneself. There’s no right or wrong—just a focus on self-acceptance, embracing imperfections, and expressing freely.
  3. Origami and Artwork:
    • Chihiro’s art extends beyond ink and paper. She also explores origami, infusing it with her unique perspective.

If you’re interested in her work, you can visit her website: Chihiro Hasu. Additionally, you can find her on Instagram for more visual inspiration.