Colleen Conti

Colleen Conti, a Sussex-based landscape painter, weaves the beauty of nature into her canvas. Her original landscape paintings evoke a sense of tranquility and wonder, capturing the essence of the Sussex countryside. As a fine artist, Colleen’s journey has been rich and diverse:

  1. Background and Teaching Career:
    • Colleen Conti was the Head of Art at a secondary school for 24 years until her retirement in 2020.
    • Her passion for art led her to focus entirely on her own work after retiring.
  2. Artistic Expression:
    • Achieving a BA Hons from Brighton Art College, Colleen’s artistic journey has been shaped by her experiences.
    • She works with oil, acrylic, and mixed-media, often starting with the landscape as her muse.
    • Colleen’s pieces blend naturalistic and expressionist qualities, resulting in captivating compositions.
  3. Gallery of Beauty:
    • Colleen Conti Art offers a gallery of beautiful, original landscape paintings for sale.
    • Whether you’re seeking the perfect complement for your interior space or an ideal gift, her artwork resonates with the soul.

Explore more of Colleen Conti’s captivating landscapes on her website: Colleen Conti Art