Deborah Hochreutener

Deborah Hochreutener, an artist known for her abstract paintings and sculptures, draws inspiration from nature. Her work reflects the organic forms, colors, and textures found in the natural world. Whether it’s the play of light on leaves, the intricate patterns of tree bark, or the movement of water, Deborah translates these elements into her art.

During the Emsworth Arts Trail, she showcased her work at Blooms Cafe in Emsworth, where visitors could appreciate her unique blend of painting and sculpture. Additionally, Deborah has engaged in other creative endeavors, including screen printing onto bags and even painting the drains around Emsworth for the Final Straw Foundation. Her passion for various art forms and her connection to nature continue to inspire her artistic journey.

If you’d like to explore more of Deborah Hochreutener’s work, you can visit her Facebook page or find additional information on her website.