John Stanley-Clamp

John Stanley-Clamp is a versatile artist and designer with a rich and diverse career. Let’s delve into some snapshots of his life:

  1. Education and Early Career:
    • John Stanley-Clamp trained at the West Sussex College of Art. Later, he was accepted at the Royal College of Art (RCA), but he had to complete his National Service before taking up the offered place.
    • After graduating from the RCA, John became the exhibition and window designer at Harrods of Knightsbridge. His creative flair extended to designing captivating displays for this iconic London department store.
  2. Design and Photography Journey:
    • John’s artistic journey continued as he joined Kodak, where he worked as their designer for exhibitions and window displays at their Kingsway and Regent Street shops, as well as abroad.
    • He later became the Graphic Art Director at the Conran Design Group.
    • John also freelanced for ad agencies, worked in films, contributed to magazines, and collaborated with The Rude Mechanicals theatre company as a photographer and visualizer.
    • His creative pursuits led to part-time work with Philips Records and within art colleges.
  3. Teaching and Exhibitions:
    • John’s passion for art education continued when he was offered a full-time position to run the photography department at his old art school, which had become Northbrook College.
    • Later, the Visual Communication department was formed by merging graphics and illustration, and John took charge of it.
    • Upon retirement, he taught life drawing classes to adults under the name Roxanne, a role he fulfilled for many years.
    • John also shared studios with fellow artists and participated in numerous exhibitions.