Jude Evans

Jude Evans, an artist based in Worthing, draws inspiration from the coastal landscape of her hometown.

  1. Coastal Inspiration:
    • Jude feels at home by the sea and enjoys the charm of seaside towns. The natural rhythms and forces of nature on the beach captivate her.
    • She explores the tension between order and chaos, organic forms, and straight lines. Her creative process begins with observation, photography, and sketchbook studies.
    • Working primarily in acrylics on canvas, Jude builds up layers of paint using various brushes and tools. She adds graphic marks in pencil or crayon to create her expressive pieces.
  2. Background and Artistic Development:
    • Jude studied art history for her degree and completed a foundation year at Chelsea College of Art.
    • After living in London for many years and working at the National Gallery and the Art Fund, she returned to Worthing in 2015 to focus on her art practice.
    • As a member of the Adur Art Collective, Jude exhibited at the Skyway Gallery in Shoreham-by-Sea and participated in Worthing Artists Open Houses.
  3. Themes and Subjects:
    • Her contemporary art reflects what she sees around her: beaches on the Sussex coast, urban scenes, architecture, flowers, and gardens.
    • Jude’s work captures the essence of her coastal surroundings, evoking mood and change through her expressive brushstrokes.

In summary, Jude Evans’s art celebrates the beauty of the English seaside, blending nature and creativity in her captivating paintings.