Julie Snowball

Julie Snowball, a talented artist based in Sussex, has made her mark in the world of ceramics. Let’s explore her artistic journey:

  1. Clay and Life Drawing:
    • Julie’s first encounter with clay occurred during a life drawing class in college. Having previously worked two-dimensionally, she found that understanding the human form allowed her to express her ideas more meaningfully.
    • Drawing serves as the foundation for her design concepts, and her experience with life drawing informs her ceramic work.
  2. Blue Angels and Macmillan Angels:
    • In 2005, Julie started creating her iconic blue angels. Inspired by the Angel of the North, she aimed to make smaller-scale representations of angels.
    • Living on a farm in Norman’s Bay, with panoramic views over the Weald and the South Downs meeting the sea at Beachy Head, Julie organized an open day. Her blue angels, titled Macmillan Angels, were well-received.
    • Each blue angel is individually made, with different stances. The larger ones are called Angels of the South, and Julie dreams of placing one on Beachy Head someday.
  3. Nomadic Ladies:

In summary, Julie Snowball’s ceramics capture the essence of the human form, coastal landscapes, and imaginative angels. Her work reflects both creativity and heartfelt connections to meaningful causes.