Nichola Campbell

Nichola Campbell is an artist based near Lewes, East Sussex, UK. Her work is inspired by the natural environment around her, particularly the Sussex landscape and coastline. Here are some details about some of her art:

  1. Wood Panel Paintings: Nichola creates captivating ink paintings on birchwood panels. Examples include “Ridge View, Springtime” (three ink paintings, 21 x 14.8 cm each) and “Wandering Wild” (50 x 50 cm framed).
  2. Collages: She also produces mixed-media collages, such as “Small Corner of the Rose Garden No. 2” (29 x 29 cm).
  3. Limited Edition Prints and Cards: Nichola offers limited edition prints and cards featuring her beautiful downland, forest, and coastal scenes.
  4. Studio Visits: You can arrange a studio visit to explore her art in person.
  5. Newsletter: Stay updated by subscribing to her newsletter for the latest news and special offers.

Explore more of Nichola Campbell’s art on her website and consider adding a touch of Sussex beauty to your collection!