Peter Allwright

Peter Allwright is an accomplished oil painter based in Worthing, West Sussex. Here are some key details about his art:

  1. Background: Since 2009, Peter has been a full-time professional artist. He honed his oil painting techniques through evening classes with a professional oil painter.
  2. Exhibitions: His painting titled ‘Loneliness’ was accepted and exhibited at the prestigious Royal Academy of Arts 2018 Summer Exhibition. Another of his works was shortlisted for the 2020 exhibition.
  3. Style: Peter’s art often features a naive painting style, but he also explores a more fine art approach using an almost monochromatic tone.
  4. Commissions and Sales: Much of his work comes from commissions, and his paintings sell worldwide. You can find his artworks in galleries across the UK.
  5. Affiliations: Peter is a member of the West Sussex Art Society.
  6. Studio Space: In May 2021, he moved to his new studio at Colonnade House in Worthing.

Explore more of Peter Allwright’s captivating oil paintings on his website or visit his studio at Colonnade House!