Purple Tree


Artist: Alison Tyldesley

Medium: Acrylic

Size: 53 x 53 cm


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Alison Tyldesley is a West Sussex-based artist whose work has been exhibited across the UK and internationally. Her art doesn’t always depict specific scenes but draws inspiration from memory, imagination, and her close connection to the British landscape. Years of walking through the countryside and along the coast have influenced her artistic vision.

In her artist statement, Alison expresses her love for rugged edges, soft moorland, and wild coasts. She is particularly drawn to capturing intense light effects in her work, such as glowing horizons, wild skies, receding hills, and textured foregrounds. Her intention is to evoke an emotional response to the landscape while balancing representation and abstraction.

Alison Tyldesley is now based in West Sussex, near the sea. After teaching in schools and universities for many years, she took early retirement to dedicate herself to her art career. She has a studio at Colonnade House in Worthing, where she focuses on painting and sketching in the landscape. Her contemporary landscape art primarily uses acrylics on canvas, aiming to capture the play of light and atmosphere, including glowing horizons, wild skies, and receding hills.

You can find more about Alison Tyldesley and her work on her Facebook page or visit her website.

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