Helen Wiggins ~ i am … gemstones

A collection of jewellery made from precious and semi precious gemstones. The focus of each piece of jewellery are the gemstones and each piece is individually made from hand selected stones.

The gemstone collection was inherited from my aunt who had a passion for jewellery and gemstones. Over the past 2 years I have been working my way through the vast collection of jewellery, stones, findings and tools. Many hours have been spent learning everything about the collection my aunt left me, from the different types of stones, their meanings, the tools and what they do and the different methods used to make the jewellery.

I now enjoying searching for new stones and making my own pieces to add to the collection.

It is important to me that when someone buys a piece of gemstone jewellery they will know what they are buying, the stone or stones. I restled with various names for the collection but the name ‘i am ….’ came to me in the early hours one morning in November 2023 and I launched the collection at the gallery in December 2023.

I have always been creative and I am not new to the gallery, I was fortunate to join the gallery from the beginning and regular visitors will have viewed by art and photography under the name of artbywigs.

Helen Wiggins