Pete Goddard

I produce local illustrations of Sussex, although on my website you will find scenes of Normandy, France where I also spend a lot of my time.

I have lived in Worthing for nearly thirty years and love the town, the people and the wider countryside of Sussex.

Although ‘semi retired’ I have always been a Graphic Designer, and so all of my illustrations tend to have a graphic feel to them.

During ‘lockdown’, with time on my hands, I picked up a pencil and started drawing again. I hadn’t drawn a lot since Art College, and so I started doing portraits.

Although there is something deeply satisfying about the simplicity of using only a pencil to create art, as a Graphic Designer, I was able to colour the pencil drawings digitally. A number of the scenes on display started as purely pencil drawings that were later coloured on the computer.

I now use an Apple iPad Pro with a digital pencil. This has introduced me to ‘digital art’ whereby traditional sketching and painting can be combined with image manipulation to achieve some dynamic results.

Pete Goddard