Sylvie Howitt Papercuts

I am a papercut artist and I use vintage maps taken from discarded Atlases or ordnance survey maps.
My choice of vintage maps and music sheets is as much a part of my inspiration helping me to tell new stories and bring new life to a piece of paper lost in a box or destined for the dump.
Over the years maps and music sheets have rekindled memories from numerous customers, the map and the story unlocking that first kiss, memory of that day out or a simple future dream.
Each story starts life as a freehand drawing before I cut the paper by hand with a very sharp scalpel. This helps me to ensure that a distinct feature, word or place remains to be found, then the process of hand cutting begins and this is when the paper starts to release it unique tale.
I am partial to a challenge, so please feel free to contact me regarding special requests or commissions!

It would be true to say that papercutting found me over 15 years ago when I visited a paper cut artist exhibition.
I was fascinated and truly taken by the art which is over thousands of years old and used in various ways by many countries and cultures.
So that’s when my life as a self taught artist began and I have not yet tired of how each paper cut I create can bring joy, wonder, emotions to visitors and customers and even myself as a lingering stare goes deeper and deeper into the picture.

I am based in East Sussex and my work can also be found local Artist Open Houses and local arts events.

Sylvie Howitt