Ann Sylvia Ford

    Collage, Drawing, Mixed Media, Pastels, Sculpture

    Form is very much where and why I draw or paint. My love of shape and colour is the reason for subjects chosen. The outdoors has an abundance of all these things and I love to capture as many creatures, plants and views in my work.

    Barbara Howden

    Collage, Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting

    My current work is inspired by the local landscape and its history; finished pieces often include map fragments and prints of wildflowers and grasses collected on my walks.

    Chris Dawson

    Drawing, Painting

    Creativity is a key factor in all my work either as a fine artist or cartoonist. As an artist I simply paint for my own interest and pleasure and try to create something that people will enjoy and respond to.

    Emma Bennett


    I sketch local scenes of Sussex, plus some famous scenes around the world. Mainly based on my own photos. I hand-draw my scenes in a range of fine line black pens, scan the image, then digitally add the colour.


    3D, Drawing

    Linescapes specialises in highly detailed CAD architectural portraits of iconic buildings, architectural landmarks and bespoke commissions. Set up in 2014 by Amalia Sanchez de la Blanca, Linescapes offers a range of architecture-inspired prints, cards and gifts.

    Michelle Dawson

    Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting

    Michelle is an Artist and Educator based in Worthing. Ever since moving to the area twenty years ago she has been inspired by the busy seaside scenes, especially when they include the beautiful Art deco pier which she has drawn many times!

    Pete Goddard

    Digital Printing, Drawing, Painting

    I produce local illustrations of Sussex, although on my website you will find scenes of Normandy, France where I also spend a lot of my time.

    Russ Iden

    Digital Printing, Drawing, Painting

    Russ Iden has over thirty-five years of experience as an artist and works in digital and traditional art mediums.

    Tracie Callaghan

    Drawing, Painting

    Tracie Callaghan uses a variety of different media to create exciting and unusual artworks that celebrate the beauty of the natural world.