Barbara Howden

“Wildflowers” by Barbara Howden is a captivating mixed media painting/collage that presents a harmonious blend of natural elements and textual components.

Key features:

  • Pathway: A trail leads into the distance, inviting exploration.
  • Flora: Vibrant plants and flowers, including thistles and rosebay willowherb, add color and life.
  • Background: Lush greens with hints of red and yellow create a sense of a rich, natural environment.
  • Textual Elements: Words like “Thistle,” “Rosebay Willowherb,” and “Ragwort” are interspersed, adding a textual layer to the visual experience.

The combination of painting and collage techniques results in a textured, multi-dimensional piece that encourages viewers to engage with both its visual and written narratives.