Frans de Leij

Because I am a biologist at heart, it is perhaps not surprising that ‘nature’ provides me with constant inspiration. I love painting animals, people and landscapes. For my landscape painting I am attracted by the way light, shade and atmospheric conditions unify objects within the landscape. Furthermore, I like the feeling of space and tranquility that are found in the natural world. The challenge for me as an artist, is to get these emotional qualities transmitted to paper, allowing them to be shared with others.

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I studied Biology at the University of Wageningen (The Netherlands) and I have been studying soils and the creatures that live in them for more than 35 years. Despite my fascination for the muddy world of worms and other creepy crawlies, my paintings are motivated by light. I am a member of the Sussex Watercolour Society since 2006 and the Attic Club. I exhibit at The Barn Emporium in Petersfield as well as Gallery BN5 in Henfield,



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