Naomi Frances

Living between the sea and the downs is endlessly inspiring, and most of my work is about the natural world and the animals and birds that live in it. It’s nature, but hyper real in colour and texture.
Birds and animals, landscapes and beach scenes are a continuing feature of my work and I often use a collage of found items from the local beaches and semi-precious stones to make contrasts in colour and texture.
I design each piece starting with thumbnail drawings and make them using the copper foil stained glass technique developed originally by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the 19th century. This gives me flexibility with the forms my work takes and allows me to take liberties with the objects I include. I make decorative glass landscapes and beach scenes using a collage of found items from the local beaches and semi-precious stones. I put together transparent textured glass, shells and stones with different levels of translucence because I love the contrasts in colour and texture. The layers build up to sculptural landscapes in miniature.

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I am an artist and educator living in Worthing on the South coast of England. I’ve been working with glass for over 25 years and I still love the way that light through glass can bring such joy.
I have a Graphic Design (Illustration) BA (Hons)from Norwich University College of the Arts and an MA in Sequential Design/Illustration from the University of Brighton. The drawing and design skills I learned on these courses inform my stained glass and illustration work on a daily basis.


Painting, Glass

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