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Hanging Work, 3D, Presentation and Labels

  • We have a system of coloured coded sheets that will be your record of work in the gallery sales folder. You can fill these in via the online version but they must be printed double sided in colour if you do this. Alternatively, we have ready printed sheets that you can pick up in the gallery on the hanging day or before.
  • Your space will have been agreed when allocated and labelled with your name. 2 small marks at the top will indicate its boundaries. Do not hang below the 2m line. The walls are 2.4m high.
  • A browser can fit below your display with mounted and wrapped work.
  • If it has been previously agreed we can supply a plinth for your own low card stand if there is room.
  • There is a professional hanging system in place with adjustable wires & plenty of hooks.
  • All hanging work must have D rings and cord and be professionally presented. No Clip-frames or damaged frames or mounts please.
  • Please provide 2 x white printed labels for each piece of work. One to be to be affixed to the back of the work and one forward facing to hang below the bottom right-hand corner of the frame where possible. They must all show Artists Name, Title, Medium and Price They must all also have the code which will link the item to your personal sales record.
  • Please supply 2 printed bios or information sheets about yourself and your work, preferably no larger than A4. One on card or foam board to go next to your work and one to go in a folder at the desk.
  • Please provide spare labelled work to be stored upstairs to replace work sold from the wall or tables. Make sure it is well protected.
  • Absolutely no blue/white tack is allowed on the walls.
  • Please be mindful of best appearance and don’t overcrowd your space. We reserve the right to move anything that does not conform to the best overall appearance and standard of display throughout the gallery as a whole.
  • The directors reserve the right to remove any inappropriate or unprofessionally presented work.
  • The window display is changed regularly and all artists work will be featured.

Tables and Cabinets for 3d work

  • Tables are 6ft by 2.5ft and have a plain pale grey table cover supplied.
  • They will normally be arranged in pairs back-to-back.
  • Label each piece clearly, make sure it has a code number as per your itemised sales sheet.
  • Props table cabinets and shelves can be used but please don’t make your display too high.
  • Please provide your own Special packaging i.e. boxes, bags etc to be stored named at the sales counter with clear instructions. We provide bubble wrap and carrier bags.

Greetings Cards

  • Please inform us in advance if you wish to sell cards and whether you have your own Perspex card stand. No personal floor standing spinners allowed.
  • Our own 6 floor-standing card spinners will be available but on a shared basis so we will need to know size of cards and roughly the number of designs.
  • Cards and packs of cards must all have the artists name clearly visible and be individually priced in whole numbers i.e. no £2.95.
  • No offers for multiple purchase i.e. 3 for £5