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Montague Gallery Guest Artist Information

In addition to our normal 8-week Session Gallery Member places which don’t come up very often we have now decided to keep one table and one 1.5m wall space free for new ‘Guest Artists’ each month.

This is a great opportunity for a 4-week exhibition at the front of the main gallery with no stewarding requirement and will introduces new artists regularly. In addition, these slots can be booked and reserved and paid in advance.  
These places are @£28 per week* plus 25% comm on all sales.

  • This rises to £38 **** per week during peak sales periods as indicated.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to take a Solo Window display for one week @£25 or £35 ****peak

How to Apply

Please read all the T&Cs and then apply if you haven’t already apply filling out the

Exhibitor Application form on our website.

We do like to meet applicants in person and see examples of work before confirming a place.

A non-returnable £50 deposit is required on all confirmed booked dates.

Only one month in every 3 can be booked.
Please don’t hesitate to pop in or call for a chat if you have any questions.  07894037877