Botanical coloured ink painting

An introduction to coloured ink painting by Artist Michelle Dawson.

Michelle loves to use coloured ink to paint leaves and plants as the colours are so vivid and fresh.  She will show you a variety of ways to apply the ink with a brush, including wet in wet to create a graduated wash, and wet on dry to create texture.  Participants will then have a chance to experiment with these techniques on watercolour paper.

Michelle will then demonstrate how she approaches painting a leaf and how she adds fine detail at the end with a dip-pen and ink.  Participants can then choose a leaf to work from and will make their own observational study using coloured ink.

There will be a variety of different types of leaves available to work from, some small and simple and some more complex, so you are welcome to join us whatever your level of painting experience!

This will be a calm, absorbing workshop and Michelle is looking forward to sharing her love of coloured ink and plants with attendees!