Montague Gallery Summer Exhibition

8th June - 7th July

Showcasing new works by over 80 local artists

Open Tuesday to Sunday 10am – 4 pm


Alison Tyldesley

Alison Tyldesley is a West Sussex-based artist whose work has been exhibited across the UK and internationally. Her art doesn’t always depict specific scenes but draws inspiration from memory, imagination,

Andrew Jack

Title: “Stormy Skies” Artist: Andrew JackMedium: Oil on canvas Description: The painting depicts a dramatic and turbulent sky with dark, billowing clouds. The colors range from deep blues and grays

Angela Brittain

Angela Brittain is a contemporary British artist known for her narrative and figurative paintings: Angela Brittain’s artistic journey continues to unfold as she navigates the complexities of human connection and

Barbara Howden

“Wildflowers” by Barbara Howden is a captivating mixed media painting/collage that presents a harmonious blend of natural elements and textual components. Key features: The combination of painting and collage techniques

Brian Jones

“Worthing Town and People” by Brian Jones is a creative and detailed stylised map of Worthing Town and its people, designed like a board game. It features various locations connected

Carole-Lynn Duffy

Carole-Lynn Duffy, a painter based in Sussex, specialises in loose watercolor and experimental canvas art. Her work dances with color, inspired by nature—the delicate petals of flowers, the flow of

Chantelle Phillips

Chantele Phillips is an amateur wildlife and landscape photographer based in East Sussex. She first picked up a camera 17 years ago and has not put it down since. Her

Chihiro Hasu

Chihiro Hasu is a Japanese artist based in Shoreham, on the Sussex coast. Her creative journey encompasses both alcohol ink art and line drawing. If you’re interested in her work,

Chloe Langton

Chloe Langton, an aspiring artist living in Worthing, has a unique approach to her craft. She spray-painted a fire helmet white and then used acrylic pens to doodle a freehand

Claire Garcka

Claire Garcka, a talented artist based in Sussex, discovered her love for painting during an evening class in 2009. Her unique style draws inspiration from the work of Alfred Wallis,

Colleen Conti

Colleen Conti, a Sussex-based landscape painter, weaves the beauty of nature into her canvas. Her original landscape paintings evoke a sense of tranquility and wonder, capturing the essence of the

David King

David Alan King is a talented portrait artist based in Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex. His primary focus is on portraiture, particularly capturing the nuances of the human face and figure. In

Deborah Crago

Deborah Ann Crago is a talented artist based in West Sussex. Her passion lies in capturing the beauty of flowers and gardens through her intricate illustrations. Some details about her

Deborah Hochreutener

Deborah Hochreutener, an artist known for her abstract paintings and sculptures, draws inspiration from nature. Her work reflects the organic forms, colors, and textures found in the natural world. Whether it’s

Delia Lindon-Spence

Delia Lindon-Spence is an artist who has a passion for painting. She has been interested in art since early childhood, and her main inspirations come from the natural world and

Dr Anthony Mcintosh

Dr. Anthony McIntosh is an eclectic artist based in Eastbourne, United Kingdom. His work spans a diverse range of media, but currently, he focuses on fused glass and ceramics. Let

Eleanora Medwell

Eleonora Medwell is a British mixed media artist of Ukrainian origin. She works with acrylics, oil pastels, and collage. Her art is inspired by women’s beauty and sensuality, a subject

Ellie Bond

Ellie Bond is a talented artist based in Worthing, England, who creates beautiful stained glass pieces. Stained Glass Sun Catchers: Feel free to explore EllieBond’s work and get inspired by

Emma Palmer

Emma Palmer is an artist based in Worthing, Sussex. She primarily engages with intricate painted layers and explores the visual poetics of floral composition. Her work often delves into plant

Georgina Moir

Georgina Moir is an artist and illustrator based in West Sussex. Georgina Moir’s art reflects her passion for nature, animals, and the picturesque landscapes of Sussex.

Gillian Hills

Gillian Hills is an accomplished artist whose work is very varied, often figurative, and draws inspiration from the natural world. She creates mosaics using fragments of crockery, glass, and semi-precious

Glenn Phur

Glenn Phur is an award-winning portrait artist based in Worthing, West Sussex. Glenn Phur’s dedication to portraiture and his ability to infuse heart into his art make his work truly

Hilary Steel

Hilary Steel is a talented illustrator specializing in 2D plans and elevations. You can explore more of Hilary Steel’s captivating illustrations on the Society of Architectural Illustrators website.

Jackie Renaud

Let’s explore the captivating work of Jackie Renaud, an artist who combines acrylic flow with epoxy resin to create stunning pieces: Jackie Renaud’s fusion of acrylic flow and epoxy resin

Jacob Taghioff

Jacob Taghioff is a fine artist living in Worthing, West Sussex. His work combines drawing, painting, and photography to create captivating art. Jacob Taghioff’s fusion of drawing, painting, and photography

Jennifer Bisset

Jennifer Bisset is a Scottish artist who has made an exciting move to Sussex. Jennifer Bisset’s artistic journey continues to evolve, reflecting the beauty of both Loch Lomond and sunny

John Stanley-Clamp

John Stanley-Clamp is a versatile artist and designer with a rich and diverse career. Let’s delve into some snapshots of his life:

Jude Evans

Jude Evans, an artist based in Worthing, draws inspiration from the coastal landscape of her hometown. In summary, Jude Evans’s art celebrates the beauty of the English seaside, blending nature

Julie Snowball

Julie Snowball, a talented artist based in Sussex, has made her mark in the world of ceramics. Let’s explore her artistic journey: In summary, Julie Snowball’s ceramics capture the essence

Karen Bravery

Karen Bravery is a mixed-media artist known for creating semi-abstract landscapes. Her paintings are inspired by her love of walking over hills and by the sea. She builds her work

Katherine Mercy

Katherine Mercy is a talented fused glass artist based in West Sussex. In summary, Katherine Mercy’s fused glass art brings beauty and functionality together, allowing participants to create their own

Kezia Noel-Paton

Kezia Noel-Paton is a talented Sussex painter known for her vibrant and imaginative artworks. Feel free to explore her art and get in touch with her if you’d like to learn more!

Lauren Nickless

Lauren Nickless is an artist who loves to travel and capture her experiences within intricate artworks. Her vibrant prints celebrate the character of various locations, from iconic architecture to local

Laurie Avadis

Laurie Avadis is a talented artist based in Bognor Regis. He works primarily with watercolors, chalk, and oil pastels, often incorporating mixed media on paper and antique book pages. His

Lindsay Trill

Lindsay Trill is an artist who creates beautiful art using acrylics, watercolors, and occasional collage techniques. Her work is characterised by vibrant colors and expressive compositions. You can explore her

Lorna Casey

Lorna Casey is a talented artist who specialises in stained glass. She creates leaded glass standing pieces, copperfoil hangings, and small mosaic glass panel pieces. Lorna’s artistic journey began in

Michael Harbour

Michael Harbour is a self-taught painter based in Worthing, Sussex. Over the last two years, he has honed his natural talent, creating captivating landscapes. His work often features dream-like, abstract

Moira McNair

Moira McNair is a contemporary artist based in Sussex. She graduated from the University of Brighton with a BA in Fine Arts, specialising in painting. Her work has gained a

Natalie Price

Natalie Price is a talented artist based in Worthing, United Kingdom. She specialises in creating limited edition lino prints.

Nichola Campbell

Nichola Campbell is an artist based near Lewes, East Sussex, UK. Her work is inspired by the natural environment around her, particularly the Sussex landscape and coastline. Here are some

Peter Allwright

Peter Allwright is an accomplished oil painter based in Worthing, West Sussex. Here are some key details about his art: Explore more of Peter Allwright’s captivating oil paintings on his

Rosemary Jones

Rosemary Jones is an artist known for her captivating linocut prints inspired by the landscape of the Downs in West Sussex and views around Worthing, where she lives. Her prints

Sarah Vosmer

Sarah Vosmer is a talented ceramic artist based in Hove, United Kingdom. She creates beautiful pottery and decorative pieces inspired by nature. Her work often features floral motifs, adding a

Steve Mason

Exploring the Artistic Journey of Steve Mason: A Blend of Form and Imagination Art has the power to transport us to different worlds, evoke emotions, and challenge our perceptions. One

Steve Rickman

Steve Rickman is an artist based in Barnham, West Sussex. He creates recycled sculptures for both indoor and outdoor spaces, using materials such as copper, metal, and driftwood. His garden

Tim Gwyther

Random visual encounters and chance combinations often form starting points for Tim’s work. Pathways and markers that delineate the landscape: places named in a different age now dislocated from their